The Nakamoto Portfolio

The Nakamoto Portfolio gets a show, The Nakamoto Portfolio Gauntlet…

The Nakamoto Portfolio site is a powerful tool to show how even allocating a small percentage of your investment portfolio into Bitcoin can be enormously beneficial. Here is the Nakamoto Portfolio for your enjoyment:

In a related project, the first episode of the Nakamoto Portfolio Gauntlet was recorded. It highlights the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund, with 247 Billion dollars in net assets.

The guest for this initial episode is Elliot Johnson, a founder of Canadian Evolve ETFs who built one of the first Spot Bitcoin ETFs.

The hosts of NPG are Dom Bei, Rapha Zigury, Greg Foss and Joe Carlasare. They discuss topics involving the institutional adoption of Bitcoin leading to hyperbitcoinization. At the end of the show, benefiting from the Nakamoto Portfolio Analytics, the hosts jump into the hot seat to make a Bitcoin allocation for the Teachers Pension Fund, as if they were the trustees. Get set, as they run the Bitcoin Gauntlet!