Massive Ancient Cities of the Amazon!

There were massive cities throughout the Amazon. This is madness! I never knew this until I opened up the book America Before by Graham Hancock. He devotes 90 pages of that 2019 book to the recent, stunning discoveries of ancient ruins.

Thanks to LIDAR, light detection and ranging, technology, archaeologists can look past the thick Amazon jungle and detect man-made structures covered by vegetation and earth. Two large sites were known but LIDAR uncovered how massive both were.

These sites are called Cotoca and Landivar. There are huge platforms and conical pyramids that rise more than 65 feet. Cotoca’s core covers 6,142,856 square feet or 141 acres or 0.22 square miles.

The larger “metroplex”, with Cotoca at the heart, is about 500 sq km. or 123,520 acres or 193 square miles! In comparison, Albuquerque, New Mexico is just 187 square miles.

Get more on all this at Graham’s Amazon Mystery page: .

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