Free alternative to ClickMagick…go from paying $69/month to $0!

Click tracking is critical to online marketing, especially if you’re doing Pay-Per-Click (PPC). 

Beware of bots, and other sources of fake clicks that will run up your costs and drive down your sales.

ClickMagick was the solution to this recommended to me by Igor Kheifets, in his E-Farming Program had also been recommended but no more! They’ve gone down for days at a time and never responded to my support inquiries.

See my February 2nd, 2024 blog post for more on that ordeal: 

So I had to switch to ClickMagick, but it costs $69 a month.

I finally tried out some alternatives and just switched to Rebrandly.

Their “Free” plan nearly worked for me…but I had to do the “Lite” plan for the first month. But I’ll be switching back to the “Free” plan next month.

Pricing info here:

They provided unlimited clicks and “automatically remove all bot/spider traffic from your click counter”.

See this article for more info: 

So they do all the critical stuff I need.

I had 9 branded links I needed to move over, but you only get 7 branded links in your first month. After that you start getting the full 10 branded links.

This is due to a glitch where 3 demo/tutorial links that appear in your free account go to your first 10-link total. 

I’ve asked them to fix that for future customers and not count the 3 demo links (which you can’t edit) towards your 10-link total.

That’s why I had to switch to the Lite plan for the first month. But that’s still only $14 for the month. It’s $13/month if you do the annual plan and pay the full $156 at the start.

Even the next highest plan called “Essentials” is only $39/mo or $32/mo (annual).

Rebrandly has a “Professional” plan at $119/mo or $99/mo (annual) compared to ClickMagick’s “Standard” plan at $149/mo or “Pro” plan at $299/mo.

Rebrandly offers chat support even to Free-plan subscribers. But full 24/7 support including email  is only provided to “Essential” and above subscribers.

“Free” plans also don’t let you edit links after they’re created.

But if you’re getting started or looking to cut costs, Rebrandly is a great alternative to ClickMagick.

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