A Great, Free Countdown Timer for your WordPress Landing Pages

So what was that free countdown timer I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post???

Well, I needed a timer to work with WordPress since I switched my landing pages to it from Leadpages.com.

It also needed to be an evergreen countdown timer. 

“Evergreen” means every visitor gets their own countdown clock that starts with their first visit to that page.

Countdown clocks powerfully enhance your landing pages by injecting scarcity into your offer. In this case, it’s the scarcity of time.

I went through several of the top installed and rated timers… 

…but if they even had evergreen timers, it was always a paid version… 

…usually meaning another monthly subscription! Ugggh!

But I finally came upon HurryTimer! They offered an evergreen timer in their free version!

Even better, it actually worked after an easy installation! 

So if you’re one of the more than 835 million sites using WordPress, I recommend HurryTimer as a great, free countdown timer solution. 

You can upgrade to HurryTimer Pro for some additional features. A Pro license starts at $39 per year or get a lifetime license for as low as $69.

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