My Mini-review of how AWeber handles links in emails

I appreciate what AWeber can do as an Email Service Provider (ESP)…


…there are several obstacles I’ve had to overcome.

One of the latest is my attempts to put branded links into my emails.

To properly use emails that show my domains like requires me to turn on click tracking.

But then, any link you put inside AWeber emails other than ones with get converted to something starting with…

Another downside, my links that then redirect to another page no longer redirect automatically.

Click tracking within AWeber is also useful to easily show if email subscribers are clicking your links, so you don’t want to turn that off.

Oh well, just wish they had a better way of doing this. You could try to track their clicks by a special destination, but con get messy.

AWeber was recommended by the training inside the John Thornhill Ambassador program.

I do prefer ConvertKit but am locked in with AWeber at the moment…

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