It’s Leap Day! But Why Not 13 Months With 28 Days Each?

Happy Leap Day 2024! It’s the 29th day of February.

But February normally only has 28 days. I then thought, “What if I multiply 28 days by 13?”

You end up with 364 days! Just 1 day short of the usual 365 days in a year.

So why not 13 months with 28 days each? Then you can an extra day each year to get to 365. You can also keep a Leap Year, since a year is closer to 365.25 days.

But others have already thought of this over the centuries. But in 1849, Moses B. Cotswolds was determined to change the world to his 13-month calendar.

Moses was an accountant and his work was complicated by months not dividing into 4 even weeks. A 13-month calendar could have every month set to 4 weeks each!

But his extra month of “Sol” threw off many beloved dates like the 4th of July and made it too complicated to convert old dates to new ones.

The 87-year quest to implement this “International Fixed Calendar” finally ended when it failed to win approval by the League of Nations in 1937.

I’ll make my own leap by making a transition to my blog topic from yesterday: PLR aka Private Label Rights.

Here’s a new PLR product I just discovered yesterday:

Video Lead Magnets With PLR

Get quality, informative PLR videos that you can give away.

Video Lead Magnets With PLR” includes:
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    • Enticing emails promoting killer affiliate products.
    • Reports to match the videos.
    • Mind-blowing graphics.
    • Plus you get the editable source files to all of it!

P.S. Today’s a great day to buy an annual subscription to something because the next payment could be February 29th and it won’t up again until 2028!

 At least I’ve been told this has happened with some subscriptions in the past…

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