Update: My Hackers Keep Trying But Are Tiring

Hackers are still trying to login to my website. I’m sure they have more valuable targets than a humble little WordPress blog.

But I put stricter login settings since my last update on February 25th, 2024. Look how those failed login numbers have been going down!

Another issue I have are spam comments on my blog posts. That’s why I have to moderate any post before making it live.

For some reason I get a bunch of posts that are in Russian! I just translate one that says:

“Effective treatment of dental injuries: from modern techniques to time-tested ones tooth trauma dentistry.”

It then gives a Russian website to visit! LOL!

Other spam comments look like legit comments praising a post but they include links to promotional websites.

Other comments are just pure spam making a claim and directing people to visit a website selling something.

What more can we do to secure our WordPress sites?

Inside the John Thornhill Ambassador program, I found a solution to better protect your website. 

It’s called Blog Defender. Watch the video here to find out how Blog Defender is your affordable security guard.

P.S. Here’s my first post about these hackers from a couple weeks ago: “Some sick bastard is trying to break into my website!

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