We just lost an hour in the USA! Dreaded DST is back.

Another year of losing an hour. I despise Daylight Savings Time (DST).

I can blame Canada for this! Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada was the first city to use DST. That fateful day was May 1st, 1908.

The reason for this crazy change was an extra hour of daylight in the evening to give people extra time to be active after the workday.

Later, others justified switching to save energy. The more daylight in the evening, the less electricity for lighting.

How about anyone that thinks DST is good just change their own hours of operation based on the time of year. Leave the rest of us alone to enjoy time that doesn’t artificially jump forward and back!

Ideally, noontime occurs when the sun is at it’s highest. Every locations most scientific time would vary a tiny bit for every tiny change in longitude.

Ideally, time zones should be every 15 degrees of longitude wide. At the equator this is 69.17 miles. Every hour, the Earth rotates 15 degrees. Multiply 15 degrees per hour by 24 hours and you get 360 degrees.

Think how chaotic it would be if each location on Earth had its own time zone that differed by a second based on their precise longitude down to the degrees, minutes, and seconds!

Making things more complicated, since the Earth tilts, the Sun isn’t always at its highest at the same time each day. So for noon to always be during the sun’s highest point, you’d have to shift noon a little every day. Uggh!

Back to DST… It’s a myth that DST was made for farmers. Farmers have lobbied against it since the earliest days.

Changing hours complicates farmer’s schedules that already carefully adjust throughout the year. Struggling farmers need any help they can get. Get rid of DST to help the farmers! 

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P.S. Here’s some more details about how complicated the sun’s movement is: https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2019/01/01/this-is-how-the-sun-moves-in-the-sky-throughout-the-year/?sh=188953817303 P.P.S. If you’d like to follow my journeys via email and get a free gift, click this link.