Funnel Cakes Are Fast & Delicious – FunnelMates Are Just Fast

Anyone else have funnel cake? It is a delicious feature at county fairs, carnivals, and theme parks. It’s another excuse to post a photo of some tasty dessert.

I need some fruit glaze and whipped cream to finish things off. I couldn’t find a royalty-free photo with a fruit topping!

Do you have a favorite fruit topping? I’d go with strawberry.

There is another funnel…a marketing funnel. You bring prospects into a funnel that eventually attracts them to the bottom that leads to a sale and perhaps a long relationship.

Setting up a funnel used to take tons of time and money. But I was introduced to something called “FunnelMates” by the John Thornhill Ambassador program.

With FunnelMates you get instant access to breakthrough software that lets you plug and play your way to automated affiliate commissions.

27 seconds is the “average” time to get set up!

To make this software work for you, you simply follow these steps:

  1. Tell the system where you want to be paid 
  2.  Pick your niche 
  3.  Actually… there is no step 3!

P.S. Learn about the man who invented the marketing funnel in 1898 in my post from February 18th, 2024: 

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