The Lost City of Akkad, Capital of the World’s First Empire

We still haven’t found the city of Akkad, the capital of the Akkadian Empire. This is the world’s oldest known empire, founded in 2334 BC.

Despite all the evidence of this empire, and all the archaeological work done in Mesopotamia, the city of Akkad remains lost.

What makes this the first empire? It was the first time two or more nations were brought under one ruler. That ruler was Sargon the Great, also known as Sargon of Akkad.

Sargon united all of Mesopotamia. There were Akkadian-speaking portions and Sumerian-speaking portions of these lands.

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P.S. There’s no doubt we’ll eventually find the lost city of Akkad. Our technology keeps making ruins easier to find. Ground-penetrating radar is just one example of this.

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