March 27th is World Theatre Day! (Plus 6 Other Days, and Part of 3 Weeks and 27+ Months)

Lovers of theatre (or is it theater as Shakespeare and America prefers) rejoice. It’s World Theatre Day! But now there’s a day for almost everything.

March 27th is also the following:

  • American Red Cross Giving Day
  • National Spanish Paella Day
  • International Whisk(e)y Day
  • Manatee Appreciation Day
  • Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
  • International Scribble Day

Go to this website to keep track of all the “Days” on the calendar.

Who said there’s only 365 days in a year. It appears there are thousands!

But we can’t stop there. What else is being celebrated today as part of a large celebration?

  • Tick Bite Prevention Week (March 24th-30th)
  • National Physicians Week (March 25th-31st)
  • Ramadan (March 10th-April 8th)
  • March Madness (March 19th-April 8th)
  • National Cleaning Week (March 24th-30th)
  • The Great Daffodil Appeal (March)
  • National Reading Month
  • Veggie Month
  • National Sauce Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • Plus 22 more “Months”…

Take a look at March 28th:

  • Barnum & Bailey Day
  • National Protocol Officer’s Day
  • Major League Baseball Opening Day (varies by season)
  • Wear A Hat Day
  • And on and on and on!

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