Blackrock Bitcoin ETF | Larry Fink’s Plot to Control Bitcoin!!

Blackrock Bitcoin ETF | Larry Fink’s Plot to Control Bitcoin!!…

The huge, 10 Trillion dollar asset manager, Blackrock and its head, Larry Fink, made huge news with an application to create a Bitcoin ETF. In over 500+ ETF applications, they got approved in all but one! While this can be amazing for Bitcoin, there are potential problems. Watch this video to get a quick rundown.

Transcript for the opening part of the video:

Bloomberg TV Interviewer: Is it true that you’re building out a cryptocurrency capability?

Larry Fink: Uh… no I mean we’re looking at it we’re looking at blockchain technologies and we’re looking at all the crypto…

Interviewer: But blockchain isn’t crypto. Blockchain is just the underlying technology. Don’t your clients want crypto exposure?

Larry Fink: No. I don’t believe any client has sought out crypto exposure.

Interviewer: Really?

Larry Fink: Yes.

Interviewer: But at some point they might. Do you need to be prepared?

Larry Fink:  I don’t…at the moment…no. I have not heard from any one client they’re looking to and to uh to buy a cryptocurrency at this time. But right now I can tell you it. Worldwide I have not heard from one client who said I need to be in this.

Simply Bitcoin host: My how the tables turn… I think we’ve all heard the recent announcement of a Bitcoin spot ETF by BlackRock the 10 trillion dollar Asset Management Giant and this could be like strapping a rocket right to Bitcoin’s back. It’s super bullish. But hold on tight because as the big players enter the scene they bring along their agendas, potential attack vectors, and we’re about to witness a new saga…