2 Easy Ways To Start Your Blog for Free in Minutes!

You should start a blog. It’s a great way to share your thoughts with the world while not being tied down to a social media network and all their confusing and unpredictable actions, rules, policies, and more!

Ideally you’d want your own website name with your own website hosting. But there are 2 ways to start your blog in minutes with no costs.

You can still be tied down and beholden to another company but not as strictly as a place like Facebook. Later you can move your blog to your own site and hosting, if that makes sense. You can also download archives of your blog to keep them safe for reposting elsewhere.

Here are those two best options I know for starting a blog completely for free!

  1. WordPress.com
    • Check pricing here but go with the Free plan: https://wordpress.com/pricing/
    • WordPress has been around since 2003 and is the world’s most popular blogging software
    • It is easy to move a free WordPress blog to a website of your own, down the road
  2. Blogger.com
    • Free blogging service owned by Google
    • Blogger has been around since 1999
    • Your blog gets a boost on Google searches since blogger is owned by Google

So there’s no excuse to start blogging today! Share your unique brilliance with the world!

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