AI is Also Coming for Audio: AI Speech & AI Music Are Here.

AI began to gain publicity by handling text prompts and responding with text.

Then I started to see amazing AI-created imagery from something called Midjourney. Check out their showcase of art here:

Then AI started to come for full video creation. OpenAI’s video generator Sora started to recently make news.

But lesser known are the advances AI are making in creating realistic speech and music. Who knows if artists are already using AI to create hit music?

Here are some examples of AI-generated music, can you tell it’s AI??? 

I was introduced to software that turns text into realistic speech inside the John Thornhill Ambassador program. This could put voice actors out of work…

…well at least help those that can’t afford professional voice actors.

The tool is called Speechelo. It actually sounds like real people: with pauses, tone, inflection – so much so, that you can’t tell if it’s not a real person.

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