After 46 years of Microbreweries in Northern California, we now have Micro-Wineries!

My trusty Idea Book is always near if I get a crazy idea. My latest was “Could I create my own tiny winery out of my home.”

Could I even grow my own grapes in the yard or even inside the house? 

I was inspired by a whole course on growing your own profitable mushroom farm out of even a small apartment. I studied that course as part of my copywriting training.

This idea could be called a microwinery. So I searched the term figuring someone must’ve already tried this.

It turns out, Napa County formally established a new winery classification of “The Micro-Winery”. A full write-up on this can be found here at

Check out the 18 Micro-Wineries listed. There’s bound to be even more than those listed.

Why did it take so long for a Micro-Winery? The first microbrewery after Prohibition started in 1976 in Sonoma by Jack McAuliffe.

But even a Micro-Winery is bigger than what I imagined…the name for my idea is now the “nanowinery” or “Nano-Winery”. Which is better?

There already are “nanobreweries” that often produce small batches of beer and are often run by just one person.

According to, you can make wine at home in California! 

But you can only produce a maximum of 100 gallons per adult in your home. There is a 200-gallon maximum per home.

Plus, you can’t sell any of that wine unless you get a liquor license…and many, many other legal hoops…

Perhaps I’ll look into this as a hobby…I could just enjoy and share with family and friends. 

To make things easier you can get your grapes or grape juice from elsewhere to cut down on the work.

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