Good Luck Predicting Stocks…But Look at the Dune-Bitcoin Trade!

Today I get to see Dune: Part Two! I love Science Fiction and this is the first movie I had to see in a movie theater in a long time.

The last one also had a colon in the title and starred Tom Cruise. It had a ridiculously long title…

Can you recite the full title from memory? I doubt it! 

Here it is: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

I saw M:I-DRP1 in a small theater in Wellington, New Zealand while I was there for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Pair sci-fi with another hobby of mine, Bitcoin, and the above X Post (formerly “tweet”) about Dune and Bitcoin tickled my funny bone.

Just last night, the Bitcoin price reached an all-time high in US Dollars.

Check how Dune and Bitcoin are connected! It’s the perfect system! 

Now we just need a Dune: Part Three to be announced! Then we need that Dune: Part Three release date! Those will be the next Bitcoin peaks.

We humans are funny, silly creatures. We’re always looking for ways to predict the future. Nowhere is this clearer than with the stock market.

Despite all the information out there, including countless stock trading experts and gurus, “around 70% to 90%” of traders “lose money”. (source: Quantified Strategies)

See this article that discusses these sad numbers from Quantified Strategies:

The Dune to Bitcoin theory is just one attempt to predict the future and profit from it!

P.S. I personally think buying and holding Bitcoin is a great way to passively grow wealth. To actively grow wealth, I’d look into “Commission Five“, a program for boosting the sales of any online promotion.

(But I don’t offer financial advice…I merely offer my humble opinion! That’s for the lawyers out there…LOL!)

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