2026 World Cup Match Release Day & Online Marketing, Planning is Key to Both

As a huge World Cup soccer fan and an American, today’s huge. I get to find out the 2026 World Cup Match schedule today at noon PT! If you didn’t already know, the FIFA World Cup is being hosted by the USA (along with a handful of matches in Canada and Mexico).

Since the USA, Mexico, and Canada are hosts, they all get to find out where and when they’ll play their three guaranteed “group stage” matches. But let me tie this into Online Marketing and planning.

To plan a schedule involving 104 matches, 48 teams, and 16 stadiums requires quite a bit of work! The USA, Mexico, and Canada soccer teams also got to choose when and where they get to play their first 3 matches.

There are all sorts of other considerations like putting the best teams in the best possible stadiums. There will be a pot of the best 9 teams and we’ll know where those top teams will play…but until the World Cup Draw in about 18 months, we won’t know the exact teams.

In online marketing you need to plan as well. What are your goals? How will you get there? How will you measure your progress?

One shortcut to planning is to find a mentor and a system to follow. Why reinvent the wheel when you can follow someone’s successful example and get help from them along the way.

That’s the path I’ve chosen by first starting with the E-Farming Program by Igor Kheifets.This then led to Igor recommending the John Thornhill Ambassador program. I’m following their lead in my journey to succeed online.

Planning also has been huge for my personal travels to the last 4 men’s World Cups and last women’s World Cup. Trying to figure out flights, hotels, tickets, and more for far-flung locations has been quite the challenge.

It’ll be nice to have the next World Cup in my home country! There will be preparation, but not nearly as much as when going to South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Qatar, New Zealand, and Australia.

What plans have you made for business or travel? What lessons have you learned?

Just remember to plan but also go out there and take action!

To your success,
Charles Polanski.