Work Anytime, Anywhere, and as Long as You Want! Join Me and Many Others at Outlier.

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It’s always good to have multiple streams of income. Passive income from investments is nice. But most people need to also have active income from working. Speaking of work, I recently got contacted by a company called Outlier via a LinkedIn Direct Message. They offered me to apply for a remote, flexible job. They said … Read more

Is Knowledge Power? Yes! 💡

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Is knowledge power? In the age of information overload, do we have too much knowledge? Oh no! To take, sort, and filter all that information into something useful…that is knowledge. Even in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), knowledge is power.  AI is essentially struggling with the same thing we do with information… …turning it … Read more

How wide should your marketing emails be?

I’ll be writing about my journey through the wild world of online marketing. One question recently came up in the training inside the training inside the John Thornhill  Ambassador program: How narrow should your emails be? How many characters wide should your online marketing emails be? I hadn’t thought much about that. Various email experts … Read more